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A new Light on Jyothisha 9. My experiments with Krishnamurti Padhdhati How Krishnamurti Padhdhati Pinpoints the Events How to Judge a Nativity KP — Alone is Correct KP Replaces the Unscientific Method Scintific Astrology KPA practical Astrology KP an Eye Opener KP Scans your Future KP Stellar Astrology shows the way KP — How to Interpret your Horoscope Efficacy of Stellar Astrology Rationale of Krishnamurti Padhdhati Stellar effects on Human Life This is also referred as Formula by some KP astrologers. In the table below we need to combine primary houses and supporting houses to come up with the house grouping for the event.

For example, event "Good health" has 1,11 as house group.

Astro Secrets Amp KP Part1

Event "Proneness of disease" has house group 1, 6, 8, If the cuspal sub lord of primary house signifies primary and supporting houses, the event is promised. Please read " Chapter 2: Fundamental Principles " to get better understanding. Events happens when the planet-lords of current dasa dasa lord, antardasa lord, pratyantardasa lord, sookshma lord etc. For example, one has "Good health" when one passes through dasa of the planets signifies houses 1, Similarly, "Proneness to disease" happens when one passes through dasa of the planets signifies 1,6,8, Events relating Second House.

Events relating Third House.

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Type of Query Primary House Supporting Houses Signing a contract 3 6,9,11 Meeting Bank officer for overdraft 3 6,9,11 Filing a court case 3 6,11 Getting Passport, Green card, Visa 3 9,11,12 Starting journey 3 5,9,11 Negotiations 3 9,11 and the cuspal position that represents the purpose Change of place- Transfer 3 10,11 Younger co-born proneness to sickness 3 8,10,2 Computer programmer 3 2,11 10 Publication as Profession 3 2,11 Events relating Fourth House. Events relating Fifth House. Events relating Sixth House.

Events relating Seventh House. Events relating Eighth House.

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Events relating Ninth House. Events relating Tenth House. Lakshmi Book Store. Main Menu.

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